About Me

Marcy Jackson is a Canadian Artist who was born Marcy Lorraine Easton on July 17, 1962 in Oakville, ON Canada and is the youngest child of six. Marcy has been very creative throughout her life and won many art contests during her school years. 


Marcy stayed in the Oakville area and raised her two fine young sons. In 2010 Marcy received a painting kit from her husband for Christmas; she painted her first landscape picture. Due to praise and encouragement from family and friends, Marcy continued to paint and now has a small gallery of paintings to sell.


In September 2017, Marcy and her husband Doug packed up and moved to Lake Country, BC.

Marcy is now taking lessons with Famous Metis Artist Dennis Weber.

Many of Marcy's paintings are painted from photographs; although her favorites are always the ones she dreams up.


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